21. 12. 2021

PF 2022


  • A modern AAA- class administrative building with a high standard of used materials and manufacturing quality
  • Unique architecture offering remarkable views of Prague
  • Sustainable technologies with an impact on high efficiency of the building operation
  • LEED Gold green certification of energy saving building
  • Completion date Q4 2019
  • 10,090 sqm of office space with a flexible layout
  • 1000 sqm of private garden and relaxing zones
  • 48 bicycle racks, including showers and toilet facility for cyclists
  • 362 sqm of storage space on the ground floor
  • 91 parking spaces in two basements

10,090 sqm

of office space

461 sqm

of outdoor terraces

1,000 sqm of private garden and relaxing zones


21. 12. 2021

PF 2022

8. 12. 2021

SmíchOFF has a new resident

In October 2021, Otis a.s. company has become a proud lessee of the 6th floor space in the SmíchOFF office building.  

The design of the entire space; from the space plan to the design was custom-made by @Penta Real Estate architects to the needs and requirements of the client. Thus, the office provides everything that is needed for working comfort and for pleasant working days alongside colleagues. In terms of the design, great emphasis was on the entrance zone; as it is to represent the company to its clients. At the same time, it is also a designated meeting point for the entire company.  

The materials and textures used were selected with the aim to create a minimalistic but very pleasant unit which would boost the corporate identity. This would be done with battens (evoking an escalator like surface), stainless steel elements with typical Otis pattern and details in the company's colour, such as dark blue holders.

3. 12. 2021

Christmas mood at SmíchOFF

Since the first Advent Sunday, the lobby and reception area are festively decorated. 
For this year, we have picked the traditional decoration concept, as it harmonises with both the interior and the famous SmíchOFF’s tram. 
After dark, the entire space is illuminated with 500 metres of lights – so do not hesitate and come visit us. 
We will keep the Christmas decoration until the end of the year! 

12. 11. 2021

Recepce roku 2021

Minulý týden došlo k vyhlášení soutěže Recepce roku 2021.
Je nám velkou ctí, že toto ocenění získala recepce coworkingového centra Spaces, která sídlí v naší administrativní budově SmíchOFF na Praze 5.
Video medailonek recepce najdete na YouTube kanále Recepce není vrátnice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFGDrAEmxL8


On the Intersection of significant Smichov’s streets Plzenska, Kartouzska and Mozartova

  • One of the most popular Prague locations for work, living and entertainment
  • Excellent public transport links - metro line B, trams, buses
  • Wide range of services in the immediate vicinity - shopping center, restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, fitness and sports centers
  • Pleasant environment in the middle of urban parks with opportunities for sports
  • Strong building identity due to extraordinary visibility

Unique panoramic views of Prague and excellent visibility of the building

Shopping center

Nový Smíchov

More than 15

quality restaurants

6 hotels


3 fitness centers



Table of Areas

Level Office Common Areas Retail Teracces
10. NP 795 sqm 97 sqm    
9. NP 796 sqm 97 sqm    
8. NP 796 sqm 97 sqm    
7. NP 795 sqm 97 sqm   93 sqm
6. NP 1 261 sqm 104 sqm   37 sqm
5. NP 1 318 sqm 102 sqm    
4. NP 1 316 sqm 102 sqm    
3. NP 1 317 sqm 102 sqm    
2. NP 1 163 sqm 123 sqm   331 sqm
1. NP   481 sqm 537 sqm  
Total 9 557 sqm 1 402 sqm 537 sqm 461 sqm
Total rentable area Parking places - 1. PP, 2. PP Storage
11 362 sqm 91 places 347 sqm

Technical specifications

Typical floor plate up to 1,400 sqm
Flexible layout allowing open space, cellular offices or combination of both arrangements
Effective office module 1.35 m – smallest office of 2.70 m x 5.40 m
Two-floor representative lobby
Card access with tourniquets
High-speed elevators
Clear height of 3 m
Chilled beams integrated in ceilings
Suspended ceilings with in-built lighting
Sprinkler extinguishing
Central ventilation system with capacity of 36 m3/hour/working place
Floor heating convectors
Raised floors with cable floor boxes
Openable windows in every office
Back-up diesel generator with sufficient capacity
Optical fibre connections of several providers

Social media

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